About me

About me

Hi! My name is Milan Vit (or ヴィート・ミラン nowadays) and you have somehow stumbled upon my personal website. Not exactly sure how that happened, but welcome anyway!

Judging from my past experience, I honestly shouldn’t promise any articles of any kind due to me always losing interest in writing just about few weeks into launching a new blog, but if things go differently this time, I’d want to share my experience related to programming (mostly iOS related), occasionally my random thoughts but perhaps most importantly, experience related to Japan, a country that’s really dear to my heart.

You see, during the entirety of the year 2017, I was attempting to get a job in Japan. Luck finally shone upon me in December 2017 and now I’m just a few short weeks away from moving to the land of the rising sun, and from properly living and working there.

And that should hopefully bring a lot of interesting things to write about, so look forward to that! Or don’t; I can’t really force you, can I?

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