There are so many topics that I actually wanted to write about in these past few days (and I will get to them eventually, surely) but none is more important for me than the events happening recently. Two weeks ago, my Certificate of Eligibility was issued. Last week, it was delivered to me, I applied for Japanese work visas and still last week, I also got the visas issued.

This week, I bought the flight ticket from Prague to Tokyo[1] – and for the first time in my life, I got to purchase a one-way flight ticket only.

Flight tickets

So, fingers crossed everything continues going as smoothly as it has so far so that this site’s name can finally be a bit closer to the truth!

PS: with the tidbit tag, I intend to mark posts that are way too short for a full-fledged article. And yes, I find the word immaturely amusing 🧒.

  1. Via Warsaw this time, keeping alive the tradition that anytime I go to Japan, I have a layover in a different city. So far, I can cross Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Frankfurt from the pointless bucket list. ↩︎