I hope nobody is counting the number of times I restarted my website. Do people actually still write blogs these days?

At any rate, for the past few weeks, I had this annoying feeling at the back of my head, telling me that I should finally ditch the old and slightly awkward site I builthacked together back in 2014 and follow the trends of the famous current year. Unfortunately, I have never really been a person that quite follows the current trends, so I picked possibly the most obscure solution for hosting this website and delivering the content to you.

I may describe it in greater detail in a future article, but just for the curious types out there, it involves Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Travis CI and has dependencies written in Python, Ruby and JavaScript. It couldn’t turn into more of a hybrid if I tried, but hey – at least I won’t feel the pressure to switch to this week’s most popular JavaScript framework all the time. Oh, and the site is actually fully open-source, because why not.

Anyway, if everything goes well in the few upcoming weeks, I should be steering my career as an iOS developer in a slightly unconventional direction. I was recently able to find a job in Tokyo, Japan and am currently in the process of obtaining work permission and visa. Once that’s done, I’ll hop on the first plane going in the general direction of the land of the rising sun and – fingers crossed, that will be something quite interesting to write about. I really want to get to know the Japanese work culture (I can already hear the voices saying “you will regret that wish!”) and over time, integrate into their society to the best of my abilities. I’ll be sure to include a lot of photos, too!

In fact, the steering might involve more moving over nine thousand kilometers to the east. This part is not quite confirmed yet but I have received strong indications that in my next job, I will be required less as a iOS developer and more as a back-end developer.

Back-end developer, you might ask? So does that mean that I’ll be working in Python 😫, JavaScript 😠, or even PHP 😡? Neither, actually. Recently, a much better (for me at least) option appeared on the horizon, and that is server-side Swift, using the brilliant Vapor framework. I definitely want to write a tutorial or two about Vapor and share my experience with it, it’s such an amazing little technology, with a truly astonishing community.

Oh, and if for some reason you missed something from the old site (really? 😳), you can still access it here.